MouseScrappers Design Challenge #28! It’s Here…….

It’s that time again! The MouseScrappers have been SUPER busy and have completed another Design Challenge!

We used a color pallette again – this was what we were working with –


Now – as always, the only way to get the Design Challenge participants contributions was to participate in the challenge – which isn’t as hard or scary as you think (even if you are NOT a designer – like me!) Here is what I made for them  – you cannot get this kit unless you participated!


Isn’t this adorable! If you’d like to try the next Design Challenge, you can find out more about it here: MouseScrappers Design Challenges

Of course – I didn’t want to leave all of you without something fun to play with…SO….I made this little mini kit for you:


You can grab it  HERE

PLEASE – if you use the kit – I would really like to see what you do with it – anything – please share!

Now…. don’t forget that this is a blog hop – so please visit the other participants. If you get to a stop and the link is not up yet, give them some time and check back. We all live in different time zones, and some may not have their piece up right away! Please be sure to leave them a thank you for their time and talent as well!!!

MouseScrappers Design Challenge #28 – Blog Hop Lineup:

Shahar29:   ***YOU ARE HERE***
Chef Minnie Mouse:

Have fun scrapping!!!



MouseScrappers DC#27 – Jungle Friends!

Hello All –
Here we are again – time for another blog hop for MouseScrappers!!! This month’s challenge was a lot of fun – though the word was definitely challenging – the color palette made it hard for me to decide on a theme for the kit, but I finally settled on one based on The Jungle Book. Here is the color palette we used:
Remember that you ONLY get this piece if you participated in the challenge at MouseScrappers! SO…for next time – check out the Design Challenge at Mousescrappers here:
And here is what I made –
Since many of you are here just for the Blog Hop and cannot get the Design Challenge kit itself – I made something just for you!
Here is what I made for you –
You can download it here:
Click Here
And don’t forget the rest of the Blog Hop – Please remember that the designers who participate in these challenges are from all over the world – so time zones can be different! Please check back if someone’s piece is not up the first time you check!
Also, be sure to thank the designers for their hard work and gifts!
If you make something with my section of the blog hop  – PLEASE come back here or contact me and share what you make! I would love to see something I created used to scrapbook your memories – and get some ideas for my own pages – if I ever have time to scrap again!!!
Blog Hop Lineup:
Shahar29:  **You are here**
Chef Minnie Mouse:
Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!!!

MouseScrappers DC#26 – Baby Mine

Hello All –

Here we are again! It’s been another 2 months and we have another Blog Hop for you! The AMAZING Designers at MouseScrappers (and me) have put together another fantastic collaboration of kits, templates, etc. and a few of us also decided to participate in the blog hop to give those of you who didn’t participate in the challenge a few goodies!

This was our color palette for this challenge:


I decided to do a theme called Baby Mine – I am sure you all can figure out what it is supposed to be a tribute to!

My daughter and I have a special connection to that movie – as you all know she was adopted from Korea as a baby. While she was in foster care there I decided to record a video and an audio clip of me singing Baby Mine for her. Apparently, she loved it, and would stop fussing when they played it for her. After she came home, I continued to sing it to her at night as we rocked, and when she would get upset. It always calmed her right down.

So, now it has become a special song for us – she doesn’t remember me singing it to her, but even now once in awhile I will sit and cuddle with her and sing it to her.

Anyway – this is what I made for the challenge (sorry, but you cannot get this part of the kit unless you participated in the Design Challenge at MouseScrappers – That being said, it’s SUPER easy and LOTS of fun – so consider joining us – the new challenge is posted here:

MouseScrappers Design Challenge #27!

My Kit for the Design Challenge:


Of course – we all KNOW what you came here for – so here is my little contribution for the Blog Hop for all of you!


You can download it here: Baby Mine – Blog Hop kit

Here are the other participants in the Blog Hop –

Shahar29:  **YOU ARE HERE**
Chef Minnie Mouse:

Please have fun with it – and if you make anything with it – please come back here and show me!! Be sure to leave some love for the other designers too!

Have a Magical Day!

MouseScrappers Design Challenge 25!

Hello All –

I am excited for this Blog Hop! MouseScrappers is at it again with an amazing and SUPER fun Design Challenge, this is the 25th challenge, and I think the 11th or 12th I have had the privilege of participating in!

For this challenge, we used a color pallette and got to choose our own theme. I decided since Easter was right around the corner that I would do an Easter theme. I had a lot of fun, and had a really hard time limiting the number of things I included!

This was our color pallette –


So if you’d like to add your own elements to my contribution – or anyone else’s from the blog hop you have our color inspiration!

The only way to get the kits and contributions made for the challenge is to participate  – it is easy and SOOO much fun, so consider joining us to get ALL of the goodies next time!

The MouseScrappers Forums are  HERE

Here is my Design Challenge kit – Magical Easter:

Shahar_DC25_MagicalEaster_Preview copy

Remember – this kit is NOT for download here, and you cannot get it without having participated in the challenge!!

Now, Since you have been so patient and hopefully read a bit of this….on to what I assume you ACTUALLY came for – my Blog Hop Goodies! I made you all a second mini kit –


You can grab it here:

Magical Easter: Click Here

Finally – I am the last one on the Blog Hop, but if anyone else’s piece was not yet uploaded, please make sure to grab it by checking back – and leave some love for the designers – they all work really hard on these!

Chef Minnie Mouse:
Shahar29:  ****YOU ARE HERE****

Have fun scrapping – see you all next time!

VERY belated MouseScrappers Blog Hop!

Hi everyone!!!

I apologize for this being so VERY late – and I hope that some of you still manage to get this! I had MAJOR computer issues right when this was supposed to go live, and have been trying to fix them since then.

The last two weeks we have been dealing with one sickness after another – “the plague” hit us hard and each of us has been down for a week or more too.

Anyway – no excuses – just the facts, between the computer issues and the illness I am just now being able to get this up and running…..

So, without further ado, here is MouseScrappers Design Challenge #24. It was a water theme, and I decided to do my kit based on the River Rapids in Disney’s California Adventure.

Here is a preview of the mini-kit I made (this can only be gotten if you participated in the challenge) –


But of course, I wanted to have something to give to everyone who comes here – so here is a preview of the blog hop mini-kit –


You can grab it here:

Please be sure to thank all of the amazing scrappers who contributed to this blog hop – and in case you are still missing any of them – here is the list of all of the blogs!

Chef Minnie Mouse:
Shahar29:  ***You Are Here***

I apologize again for this taking so very, very long, but I hope you enjoy it and have fun scrapping!!! 🙂

The MouseScrappers Blog Hop is here! Come and See What We Have Today!

Welcome to another AMAZING Blog Hop from MouseScrappers! This is the blog hop that coordinates to Design Challenge #23!!!!
The Design Challenge has changed a bit, and we are now back to a system where the only way you can get the challenge kits, templates, and pieces that are created is by participating – but you can still get some freebies through the blog hop! – Come and join MouseScrappers for DC #24! Even if you have never done it before – it’s worth it – and A LOT of fun!
Please make sure you thank all of the designers who have contributed and be sure to check back with any blogs that might not have their contributions up yet – we all have lives outside of Scrapbooking (okay – well kind of) and are in different time zones, sometimes even different countries – so check back if it’s not there!
Here is a preview of what I made for the Challenge:
and here is a preview of my Blog Hop mini-kit
that you can grab here:
Please Follow the Links below to grab ALL of the goodies from our amazing participants!
Shahar29:  ***YOU ARE HERE***
Chef Minnie Mouse:
Thank you to all of the designers for your AMAZING talents, and hard work! I can’t wait for DC #24!

It’s That TIme Again – MouseScrappers Design Challenge #22 is here!!! YAY!

Hi all!

It’s that time again – We have all been super busy putting together more fun scrapbooking goodies for the latest MouseScrappers Design Challenge! This time we had a two month challenge with a color palette to work with.

I chose to do a theme of Friendly Ducks! Hopefully you’ll be able to guess who i was thinking of!!!

As is the norm – you can only get all of the wonderful pieces of this challenge by participating, or by purchasing it at the MouseScrappers store. Here is a preview of what everyone made for this most recent challenge –


And here is what I made –


Of course – I wanted to join in the Blog Hop – so I made a second mini-kit for all of you!


You can grab it here –

And then make sure you have also visited the other Blog’s listed below to grab all of their goodies!!!

Chef Minnie Mouse:
Shahar29:  *****YOU ARE HERE*****

Remember, if someone’s link is not up and active yet – not everyone is in the same time zone – so check back later!!!

Have fun scrapping, and if you use any of my pieces for a page – PLEASE show me your work! I’d love to see what everyone does with my kit!!!

See you all again soon!

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