MouseScrappers Design Challenge #21 – Little Briar Rose

Hello All –

I am so very, very sorry that I am so late getting this up – Our date for the Blog Hop reveal was the day before my Mom’s memorial service and I had this all written and set to go – and something went wrong. I didn’t realize that it never uploaded until TODAY! So, now, a week and a half late, I am re-posting so that you can actually get my part of the Blog Hop. I truly hope you will forgive me – I really am not usually this “flakey” and I thought I had it all set up properly!! Again, I apologize!

Anyway – here is what I had thought was posted on the 12th of June –

Welcome all to another MouseScrappers Design Challenge Blog Hop! This time around we had a color challenge and though it was a challenge for me – I had a wonderful time coming up with my portion of the challenge, and my little mini-kit – Little Briar Rose.

This was our color swatch for this challenge –


And here is a peek at what I made for the mini-kit challenge –


You can only get this part of the kit by participating in the challenge – or by purchasing it at the MouseScrappers store.

Here is the preview for my part of the Blog Hop –


You can download it here –

And I realize you have probably already gotten all of the other pieces of the Blog Hop – but just in case – here is the list of participants – make sure you get all of your goodies and enjoy!!!! 🙂

Chef Minnie Mouse:
Neverland Scraps:
Shahar29:  ***YOU ARE HERE***


Grieving Sucks!!!!

Hello Everyone –

Once again, I must apologize for being SO very far behind on all of my posts. As many of you read, I lost both my Dad, and then my Mom last year and since then, life has been in a constant state of stunned, shocked, deeply sad, just make it through the day actions and reactions.

At the beginning of this year we were dealt another blow – my uncle Geoff – my Mom’s brother, passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. They were very close, as were he and I. He married my husband and I, and we were blessed to have him with us to help us with my Dad’s memorial – and so, here we are again, riding the tidal wave of grief, for another family member.

We are still grieving both of my parents, and we just had my Mom’s memorial on June 13th. It took a LONG time to be able to gather all of the amazing people that we call friends and family to their home and to celebrate her life. But we had two beautiful services for her – one at the Episcopal church in town and then one at our home in Sedona.

They were perfect to say goodbye, or as my Dad would have said – give her a great send off! We had a wonderful reception and spent the rest of the weekend laughing, telling great stories, eating wonderful food, and yes, crying too, but celebrating her truly phenomenal life! So, here are a couple of layouts I made to remember this amazing (though sad and painful) weekend with –

Heavenly Angels_CMF_LO1_sm

Heavenly Angels_CMF_LO2_sm

I made these beautiful layouts using the kit Heavenly Angels by Touched By a Butterfly, and you can purchase it here –

May you all be blessed with peace and may your guardian angels keep watching over you every day!

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