Our Sweet Flower!

Our beautiful little girl continues to amaze us everyday as she blooms and grows! She is wise beyond her years, and yet can be such a typical 8 year old too!

I took these photos of her as her 2nd grade school pictures – and I love that she just shines in them! They show her extraordinary personality, how mischievous she can be – with that little sparkle in her eyes!

The wonder and joy I see in her as we go about our days is truly phenomenal! She is a unique and beautiful soul and I am proud to be her Mommy!


I used the super sweet kit ‘Just Bloom’ by A-Manda Creations and you can purchase the kit here –



The VERY First Smile for Santa!

So I know it’s kind of past Christmas time – but maybe, just maybe this will make you smile – it is a cold, wet, day here where we live and I know most of the east coast is still frigid and under piles of snow – so grab a nice hot┬ábeverage, stoke the fire, and enjoy!!!

In December of 2010 we were on the east coast for the funeral for my father in law. It was certainly an unexpected loss and not a “fun” trip to New York, but we made the best of it anyway! Paul’s Mom had never had the chance of taking her granddaughter to see Santa Claus – so we decided we needed to bring a smile to her face and take Miss K for her annual Santa Picture and visit while we were there.
I made sure to pack a fancy dress just for the visit and we piled everyone in our rental and made a day out of it!
It takes about 45 minutes to get to the closest mall from my mother in laws home and the weather was cold, snowy, and icy – but we had a wonderful day nonetheless!
We had lunch and did some Christmas shopping – but of course the best part of the day was taking Miss K to see Santa. This was the very first year Miss K EVER smiled for Santa or the camera during her pictures! We were very nervous as we weren’t sure if she would cry, or just be very still and shy and nervous, but she surprised us all with a smile!
I was so excited and I think this picture turned out so wonderfully!
The kit I used is such a sweet (and very versatile kit) called Polar Express by Touched By a Butterfly – you can purchase it here –

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