Throwback Thursday – My Little Princess’s 1st Birthday Tol Celebration!

Birthdays are a BIG deal in our house, and Miss K’s 1st birthday was extra special. We had waited for so long for her to come home, and she arrived only a month and a few days before the big day. We planned, and prepared, and we were doing it for 2 separate celebrations!
In Korea, when a baby turns 1 year old they have a special ceremony for them, called a Tol (or sometimes Dol) during this ceremony the child is dressed in a traditional Korean outfit used for celebrations called a hanbok. You place a bunch of different objects around the table for the child to choose from, and then they walk around the table and whatever they choose is said to predict their future. There can be many different items used. You can read all about the Tol (Dol) ceremony here –
However – briefly – prayers are said, sweet rice cakes are eaten for a sweet and rich life. Then the baby chooses items from the table. Miss K chose 2 items – a knife – which represents her being a good chef, and a ruler which means she would be dexterous and good with her hands (which on both counts is SOOOO true!)
It is a wonderful tradition and while we don’t have sweet rice cakes or a Tol every year on her birthday, we do maintain the tradition of taking her picture in her hanbok each year on her birthday to show us how much she has grown.
These two photos are so very precious to me. We got to celebrate a very important milestone with my parents, and share in the joy of our daughter’s birth. I sent these photos to the adoption agency in Korea for them to be placed into her file, because, I hope that one day, her birth mother may come and ask to see the photos and learn about the joy and love that has surrounded (and continues to surround) her daughter, our daughter, and learn that we have tried to keep the traditions of her culture around her!
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MouseScrappers Blog Hop for Designer Challenge #19 is HERE!!!!

DC #19 was a lot of fun – but DEFINITELY a challenge!!! We had to make journal cards – I had NO idea what to do – so I decided I would make mine on the theme of character meet -n- greets. Here is what I made for the actual challenge –


Of course, I didn’t want anyone else left out who didn’t participate in the Designer Challenge so I made a few extras for all of you for the blog hop – Here is a preview of what I made for you –
You can grab it from here –
I hope you enjoy them, and please send me a jpeg of anything you create with them – I would LOVE to see them in use!
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Chef Minnie Mouse:
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Snow Day!!!

Miss K just loves the snow – and so do Daddy & Mommy!
We are very lucky that even though we live in California,
we get to visit Mimi & Fadr’s house in Arizona –
where, strangely enough –
they usually get snow at Christmastime!
This year was bittersweet for all of us –
having lost Fadr and then Mimi – but coming
together in their beautiful, warm home, and then
getting the snow that we all love
so much was an amazing gift!
The cousins came too – and we all
got to play in the snow together!
Of course, after the snowplay we went inside to a blazing fire, and nice hot cocoa!!!
What a special day
this year’s snow day was!!!
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Victorian Gentleman & Wedding Kisses

Sounds like a REALLY strange title – but it is because I utilized a truly wonderful and very diverse kit for 2 VERY different layouts! So….here we go!!!

A Victorian Gentleman –
One of my favorite photos of my Dad is one that was taken a long time ago by his brother. He is holding a pistol (he was an avid target shooter and so that alone is perfect) and he is dressed as a Victorian gentleman.
There is something just so perfect about his expression – a touch of mischief, so happy, like he has a secret!
I just love this photo.
Wedding Kisses –
My wedding day was indeed one of the bet days of my life – I was marrying my best friend, I was surrounded by family and friends, we had a beautiful day, in a gorgeous location and despite the many things that went wrong it was the perfect day!
This photo is one of my absolute favorite from the whole day.  We asked our photographer to mostly take candid photos and those are of course the ones I like the best and treasure to this day.
It was taken just after we had officially been pronounced husband and wife, and my husband was sneaking a second kiss before we walked back down the aisle!
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