The Carousel Queen!

You LOVE the carousel!
It is, and always has been one of your favorite rides,
no matter where we go!
If we are at an amusement park or a carnival,
you have to know if there is a carousel,
and ride it at least once if there is one!
Every year, when we go to see the Easter Bunny,
you get VERY excited –
you remember the carousel and always ask if it will be there and if you can ride on it after we see E.B.
If we let you – you will ride over and over again. You always want 1 ride alone, one with Mommy and one with Daddy. Sometimes we let you!
Maybe we should start calling you
the Carousel Queen!



 I used the super sweet kit called ‘Birdie Love’ from Touched By a Butterfly. You can find it here –


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