Our Heart, Our World

Miss K –
You are our heart and soul! 
You are our world!
We love every little thing about you – 
from your smile to your toes. 
Your laughter, your hugs, 
your cuddles, everything!
There is no one else in the world quite like you, 
you are unique, just as it should be!
Thank you for making us a family, 
for bringing your light into our lives!
Mommy & Daddy love you so very much 
our little earth angel!
This is a BEAUTIFUL kit is called “Follow Your Heart” and was created by Ginger at GInger’s Scraps -n- Pixels. You can find it here:

Lavender Princess

Miss K has a favorite color, not just any favorite color either! 
She LOVES lavender. 
If you say purple, she’ll say NO, lavender, and emphasize the word as she says it!!!
Her room is lavender, her bed sheets are lavender, and yes, her favorite princess dress is lavender! She even has lavender toys – stuffed animals and lego sets, that were chosen just because of her love of lavender!
She looks amazing in the color too – which makes it easy to get her lots and lots of clothes in her favorite color. But finding that color in fall and winter clothes is easier said than done!
How long she will be a lover of lavender I don’t know – but I am happy to indulge my lavender princess in her color obsession until she changes her mind!
These photos were from November 2011 when we visited the Princess Fantasy Faire at Disneyland. For the record, however, she still fits into that dress, and her favorite color is still lavender – almost 3 years later!!




The kit I used is absolutely GORGEOUS and is by Touched By a Butterfly. You can find it here –



Part of Her World!

We love meeting all of the princesses when we have the time at Disneyland. So often, it is only when we have a friend in town and going with us, that we take the time to stand in line to wait. 
So, of course since we had Aunt Debi & Cousin A with us, we HAD to go meet the princesses at the Fantasy Faire Princess Walk.
This time, we got VERY lucky and we had Ariel, CInderella, and Snow White!
Miss K LOVES Ariel – and loves to go on the Little Mermaid ride at DCA whenever we are over there. She was VERY excited to see Ariel was the first princess we would talk to that day. 
They had a wonderful conversation about Sebastian, Ursula, and of course, dresses and Princes!! I think they decided that Prince Eric was especially sweet and kind, and that Ariel looks very good in blue, while Miss K prefers purple! 
Ariel was so sweet to take extra time with Miss K and even noticed her scepter and curtsied to her!
What a wonderful visit to Ariel’s part of the world




I used the cutest kit – made by Celeste (Touched By a Butterfly) you can find it here – 


A Bond That Can’t Be Broken!

Miss K – you are a Daddy’s Girl ALL the way!
You and Daddy have a super special bond 
that cannot be matched! 
You share a love of so many things – food, the ocean, building things, art, music, 
and most importantly – each other!
Every day, you laugh together, play together, and just enjoy the company of one another – what a wonderful gift that is!
I am so very lucky to have such amazing people to call my family, and I feel very blessed that they love each other as much as I love them! 
Mommy was a true Daddy’s Girl as well. This summer has brought so many tears, some laughter, and shown me just how incredible that bond can be. I am so very thankful every day for the bond I had with my Dad, and for all of the amazing time we got to spend together, and the memories we made. I am even more thankful that you and your Daddy are so close. I love watching you two cuddle, play, laugh, run, and just be together. 
How lucky we both are to have such amazing people to call Daddy!
I used a really sweet kit called – Father’s Strength – by Touched By a Butterfly – you can find it here – 

Sun, Water, and Fun!!!

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get some more layouts posted – but we have been so very busy since my father’s death. Anyway – while we were in Arizona, celebrating my father’s amazing and very full and wonderful life, we did manage to have some fun and keep the children busy and entertained!!! Here is what I wrote on the 2nd half of this layout – all about a new splash pad in my parents town…..
We gathered in Arizona for Fadr’s memorial and Sumbel, but in celebration of his life we made sure to have a little fun too! Sedona had just opened this brand new splash pad at one of the local parks and all three of the cousins were VERY excited to go check it out!
They all had a wonderful, wet time – with LOTS of splashing, laughing, chasing, and just goofing around – perfect for that hot, dry Arizona heat!!!
Don’t they look like they were having a wonderful time!!!! 🙂
I used a super fun kit by Touched by a Butterfly called – Water Park Fun – which you can find here –  http://store.touchedbyabutterfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=6

Old Time Americana – MouseScrappers Design Challenge #16!

Old Time Americana!

Hello again everyone. I am so very sorry again about this being so late in coming, but as I mentioned before this weekend is my Dad’s memorial, so the family has gathered and things have been a whirlwind of emotion, activity, and just time to be together as a family.
I hope I have not inconvenienced you all too much.
For my part of the designer challenge I decided to use the color palette as an idea for a theme, I decided on a 4th of July, in the style of Old Time Americana.
I made a large kit for the Designers which is part of the collab I posted earlier – here is a preview of my portion –
And here is a preview of my mini-kit for all of you –
Now here is the link to my portion –
Don’t forget (if you haven’t already) to check out the pieces from the other blog hop participants listed below!
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Have fun,enjoy, and sorry again for the delay!!!!

MouseScrappers Design Challenge #16 – Sorry This is coming late

Hi everyone –

I just wanted to apologize that I was not able to get my part of the blog train up on July 4th. My Dad’s memorial was yesterday, with another service later this evening, and things have been very busy in our home.

Hopefully, I will have some time today and will be able to get it uploaded for everyone.

In the meantime – here is a preview of all of the contributions that were made to the Designer Challenge at MouseScrappers. The full collab should be available for sale sometime soon!

Take care!


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