Our Pure Joy!

Miss K was adopted from Seoul, S. Korea and arrived home with us when she was just over 10 months old. During our LONG wait to bring her home we were lucky enough to receive updates from her Omma & Appa (Korean for Mom and Dad, and what we call her foster parents) 
They only came every couple of months – but we looked forward to getting them, and looked at them (as well as her medical/developmental updates everyday!) 
These photos are from her referral packet – (the photo in layout 1) at 2 months old, and from her 4 month update. 
We cherish these photos, and I am so happy to finally have them showcased in such a perfect way!
You are truly our pure joy, Miss K. Thank you for making me a Mommy to a little earth angel!!!
I used the super sweet kit – Bundle of Joy – by Touched By a Butterfly – which you can find here  http://store.touchedbyabutterfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=1

Our Little Pixie!

February 2009
2 years old
Miss K – You are our little pixie!
You have mischief in your beautiful eyes!
You sparkle and shine and it radiates from you 
in everything you do! 
Our little nature lover – you help the flowers grow, take care of the animals, 
and bring sunshine to every day! 
Thank you, little pixie for filling our lives with so much fun, adventure, love and light!
I used the cutest, sweetest little kit called Pixie Dust – by Touched By a Butterfly – which you can find here http://store.touchedbyabutterfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=163


Blizzard Summerfest 2012!

Every year the amazing company that my husband works for, Blizzard Entertainment, holds a great family event called Summerfest. It is a HUGE event that the whole company can attend, and it is meant to be SUPER family friendly, but fun for everyone – no matter their age!
For the last few years Blizzard Summerfest has been held at the local county fair that happens each year close to our home. Before the fair gets into full swing, Blizzard rents a section filled with carnival games, rides, and food and the Blizzard family gets to spend the day having fun.
Miss K LOVES the face painting and the giant slide the best, but she also has a good time on the carousel and trying to win prizes for Daddy at the different games of skill!
These layouts are of some of our favorite moments from 2012 Summerfest – 
I used a really fun kit called Carnival Fun by Touched By a Butterfly. You can grab the kit here – 


Beautiful Spring!

April 2014
We celebrate spring in many ways in our home, but as we “hopped” into the spring season this year, we went on one of our favorite trips – to the local mall to see the Easter Bunny!
She LOVES meeting E.B., but she loves the garden there even more!
This year she just had to make a wish in the fountain with the frog prince, and to smell the flowers in E.B.’s garden!!
It was as always a wonderful way to welcome spring!
I used a beautifully sweet kit by Touched By a Butterfly called Easter Lily for these layouts – you can grab the kit here – 


Flash Sale for INSD from Ginger’s Scraps -N- Pixels!!

I just wanted to post this for any of you who might be interested – one of the designer’s I CT for – Ginger, at Ginger’s Scraps N Pixels is having a few flash sales today for INSD (International Scrapbooking Day) – check it out!!!



I LOVE working with her kits – they are always beautiful – Here is some inspiration for you to go and grab a few of her kits – or grab some of the CU (Commercial Use) $1 items and go have fun scrapbooking!!!

Beautiful Days – 

Every day with Miss K is a beautiful day! We are blessed beyond measure to be parents to this very special little girl!

She loves nature, and animals, she loves exploring her world, inside and out! She is an old soul, and she takes joy in every moment of everyday – the simple things, the exciting and unique things, just all of the beauty that surrounds her, she appreciates it all!!

Miss K will give everything away, in a heartbeat, never thinking twice, if she thinks it will make someone happy, or make someone smile! 

Our little earth angel, you are the light of our lives! Thank you for being you, for making our every day beautiful, and for being so beautiful yourself!!! 

I took the photos in these layouts in March of 2011 – Miss K was 4 years old.



For these layouts I used the kit – Let’s Go Fly a Kite – you can find it here –http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_dnld_info&cPath=232&products_id=18026

Ready For My Closeup – 

Miss K is SUPER photogenic! And of course, as a proud Mamarazzi, I am ALWAYS taking her picture. Being a photographer for a living, means she is photographed A LOT! While she was much better at putting up with it when she was younger, she does not let me take pictures of her as much anymore. Thankfully, I took FULL advantage of her allowing me to snap away, back before she started saying NO, Mama!

These photos were taken when Miss K was only 2 years old – just barely! It was February – the week before Valentine’s Day and we were in the process of moving from San Francisco, to Southern California. 

She was having a blast watching herself in the mirror and playing with her other self! This repeated habit has earned Miss K the nickname Little Miss Narcissa! 

It does result in some pretty adorable pictures on occasion though!!! 🙂



I used the super sweet kit – Frosted Brights for these pages – you can find it here –http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_dnld_info&cPath=232&products_id=18016


Spring is in the Air! –

The beauty of springtime is all around us, and our little one LOVES to explore and discover every little thing! 

She truly knows how to stop and smell the flowers!!! – and I do mean EVERY one!!

As soon as the first buds begin to show we are out and about for hours on end each day, soaking in the sunshine and exploring the world around us.

It can take us 30 minutes just to get to the playground which is only a few steps from our bottom staircase! 

We love that she loves all of the bugs, birds, and flowers though! She even tries to pick up everyone else’s trash!

We need more little people like her to help us keep our world green, healthy, and beautiful!!! 

Keep exploring  little nature girl!!!

I took these pictures on March 18th, 2009 – the day after St. Patrick’s Day – for a photo contest. Miss K was 2 years old.



I used the beautiful kit – Robins of Spring – and you can find it here –



Hunting for Eggs – 

Miss K – Your favorite part of Easter has always been the egg hunts” Lucky for you, most years we have at least 3 different egg hunts that we get to attend!

I took these pictures of you at the OCAMG Annual Easter Egg Hunt, in Spring 2012. You had a blast, as always, of course, and even helped all of the the little ones to find lots of eggs too.



For these layouts I used the kit – A Simple Easter – and you can find it here:



Live Well – Laugh Often – Love Much!! –

Spring 2011 – 4 years old.

Miss K – You are the joy of our lives!

Your smile makes everyone around you smile. Your hug makes our hearts melt. and your pure joy of life and living it is infectious!!!

The greatest blessing is calling you our daughter, and the most magnificent gift and privilege is being your parents!

Thank you for being our little girl, and for blessing us with you!!!



I used a sweet mini-kit called Spring Sentiments 1 – which you can find here –



A Day in the Garden – 

We spent a truly beautiful day in January of 2011 in the Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada while we were there for the Blizzard Wrap Party. Not only did we get to see all kinds of amazingly gorgeous plants and flowers but we were also lucky – because it was super cold out, but we saw butterflies and hummingbirds too!

Of course we also saw the tigers and the dolphins and even watched a dolphin training session, but the highlight of the day were the flowers, butterflies, and hummies in the secret garden!!! 




I used the mini-kit  Spring Sentiments 2 – which you can grab here!  http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_dnld_info&cPath=234_319&products_id=18138

Okay – I’m off to do some freebie grabbing and check out the sales now – have a wonderful rest of your weekend and get ready to scrap your hearts out with all of your new INSD goodies!




More INSD Inspiration!!

Happy INSD Weekend again all! 
Today I wanted to share an amazing designer with you and show you a couple of her super cute kits that I was playing with last week! 
Her name is Judi and she is the talent behind HoneySuckle Lane Designs. If you would like to see all of her kits – please go here – 
First Haircut – 
Miss K took a LONG time to get to the point where she needed (and would let us) get her hair cut So, her VERY first haircut wasn’t until May of 2012. She was 5 years old! 
She had finally gotten her hair long enough that she would allow me to take her to the salon and have her split ends trimmed!
The lady at the salon went all out – the braids and flowers were free and Miss K enjoyed every minute of being treated like a little princess! She got the whole treatment, wash, blow dry, comb out, and of course the style! She also got a balloon, a little piece of the cut hair (for Mommy of course), and a certificate commemorating her first cut & style!
We made a whole day out of it too –  – just a Mommy/Daughter date!!! We went to lunch, at out favorite place in the plaza – Ruby’s and had milkshakes, clam chowder, and chicken fingers (our classic lunch)  and the to the bookstore to pick out a few books, and even read a few while we were there, and even visited the awesome little toy shop in the plaza too! 
Such a little beauty she is – Inside and out!
I used a sweet little kit called – Paris Pink, which you can purchase here – 
Beautiful Ballerina! – 
Miss K was very privileged to be able to take a Princess Ballet class after preschool  once a week, during the spring of her Pre-K year.
They would learn real ballet steps, choreograph a number, and have a recital at the end of every 8 week session. Their teacher was so sweet with them too. She was very patient, and let each girl really get into the music and movement – no forcing them – just showing them and letting them enjoy dancing!
I took these photos during their final class, as they prepared for their recital. Miss K has a little bit of stage fright, and I didn’t want to interrupt or make her stop dancing. So, I hid outside the room, on the other side of the one-way glass – so that I could see her and take pictures, but she wouldn’t know I was there! 
Each girl was told to wear her favorite Princess dress, and each girl got a minute of their own featured “solo”. They were practicing their movements across the floor when I arrived.  Miss K wore her “punzel” (Rapunzel) dress – She made a BEAUTIFUL princess!
I used the kit – Ballerina – filled with super cute ballerinas, and everything you need to make sweet pages of your own ballerina – you can find it here – 

Inspiration for INSD!!!

I wanted to spend some time and post a bunch of my layouts that I have made with kits from Touched By a Butterfly – call it inspiration for International Scrapbooking Day!!! So here it goes……


A Visit to E.B. – 

These were from a trip we took to visit EB (Easter Bunny) as he in known in our house! In 2012 we parked in the wrong lot at our local mall, and ended up with a VERY different bunny than the one we are used to visiting each year.

He was kind of scary actually, with a LARGE mesh hole in the middle of his forehead – and we had to reassure her that it was okay and that he was eager to talk to her about Easter.

Of course, she was a bit confused as this one didn’t actually talk to her and respond to her, but she accepted it, and even had a great time controlling the photo session, and making sure he knew that he was supposed to hide the plastic eggs – NOT the real ones we were dyeing that afternoon!




I used the super sweet & cute kit – Easter – you can find it here –



Rainy Day Fun – 

Miss K absolutely adores playing in the rain! We got super lucky and right after we got her this set of boots and jacket (to match her Hello Kitty umbrella from Korea) we got a beautiful fall rain!!

We spent a VERY long time, exploring raindrops on the umbrella, jumping in puddles, finding worms and snail, and just walking in the rain enjoying the sights, smells, sounds, and joy of a rainy fall day!!!




I used the adorable kit called – Rainy Day Fun – and you can find it here –



LOVE our Fur-Babies!!! –

Long before our daughter was born, we had cats. They were our firstbabies, our fur-babies. T

hey were the ones to come to greet us at the door each evening, and give us lots of love and affection, and appreciation. Now, we have our human baby, and our fur-babies, and they are STILL a huge part of our family!

Nothing is better than a warm kitty, purring on your lap, helping you take a nap, or reminding you that you are never too old to play!!



I used the super cute, and full of purr-fect elements kit – I Love Cats! You can find it here –



Our Beautiful Baby Girl! – 

These are some of the most precious pictures that I have of our daughter. Miss K was born in Seoul, S. Korea, and we did not get to bring her home to our family until she was 10 months old – due to paperwork issues here in the US (but that’s another story!) Anyway, in Korea, babies whose birth parents have made an adoption plan for them are very lucky. They are loved and cared for in foster homes, with a Mom and Dad (Omma and Appa) and sometimes other foster babies or children and grand children of their foster parents. Our foster Mom is an AMAZING lady – who went above and beyond the basic care and feeding of Miss K (her Korean name is Soo Jin which means Beautiful Jade) – she took videos (which were destroyed inadvertently by a very inept CVS employee, and about 100 photos of her in the 10 months she was with them. She printed them all, and put them into an album for us.

The pictures here are from when Soo Jin had just arrived in their home, she was about 10 days to 2 weeks old at the time. I feel so incredibly blessed that we have pictures of our precious daughter when she was so very tiny! I can never thank Mrs. Lim for everything she did for Soo Jin, and for us, but I hope that she knows how much her loving care meant (and still means to us!)



I used the beautiful kit – Precious Baby for these layouts – you can find it here –




Disneyland – The Happiest Place on Earth…and Pretty Yummy Too!!! – 

Our very first trip to Disneyland with Miss K, was an amazing adventure!

It is truly a different, more magical place with a child! Especially when the wee one is only 15 months old!

The weather made it somewhat difficult on her, however, and we had many, many breaks for cold drinks, naps, and most importantly – TREATS!

This was her very first Mickey Head Ice Cream Sandwich – one of Mommy’s favorites. Miss K loved it that day, and still does to this very day!



I used thee super sweet (tee hee hee…pun intended) kit – Ice Cream Party – and you can find it here –



So….there you have it some wonderful inspiration and some amazing kits from me and Touched By a Butterfly – Happy INSD and have fun collecting freebies and scrapping your heart out!!! 🙂

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