MouseScrappers Design Challenge Scrapbook Blog Hop!!!

Once again, I am participating in the design challenge at MouseScrappers, and I am SOOO excited about this kit. As usual, the kits the designers exchange are not available to anyone outside of the MouseScrappers exchange – you have to participate in the challenge to get the kits.

However…..Most of the designers also participate in a blog hop in which they give you a coordinating mini kit, or small freebie of some kind. Sometimes the designers go one to sell the rest of the kit they make on their own pages.

I will be participating in both the main exchange and in the blog hop here.  I am also going to sell my portion of the challenge exchange, which is going to be a HUGE kit (right now it has over 40 elements and about 12 papers, but it will probably get bigger!) – which of course will complete and very nicely coordinate with the blog hop mini freebie I will have for you all. 

The proceeds of the kit (if I sell any) will be given to the friend I mentioned here below, whose daughter is dying. I will sell the kit at a VERY reasonable price, and hope that everyone who digi-scraps will tell their friends and family – who scrap about the kit and about the fundraiser. Their daughter will probably pass on in the next week or so, possibly before I am even able to release the kit for sale, but I hopeful that I will still be able to help her family during this unbearably difficult time. 

Here is a preview of the mini freebie – it is called Snow and Ice (and since it’s through MouseScrappers – YOU can figure out what I might have made!)


The Blog Hop will go live on Friday, May 2nd!

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