Victorian Tea Party!

Our daughter REALLY loves tea parties, but not just any kind of tea parties! She has been raised in a home where we re-create the middle-ages, journey into Victorian Steampunk worlds, and participate in all matter of other fun historical and historical fiction, Science Fiction, and other things that more “normal” families don’t do. We are ALL kind of weirdos/nerds and proud of it! We have a lot of fun together as a family dressing up, and doing things just a bit differently!

Soooo…… for her 7th birthday party with her friends, she wanted to have a Victorian Tea Party.  Not just a plain old garden type tea party, but a proper victorian tea party, with properly set up tea trays, tea, and her Victorian finery! 

We managed to put together a wonderful party! We had a dress up chest filled with bow ties, top hats, fancy gloves, and pearls, and asked everyone to arrive in their finest Victorian outfit! 

The guests dined on tea sandwiches (but we made them more kid friendly than watercress or cucumber and cream cheese!) Theirs had turkey and cheese, or PB&J. They had all kinds of berries on the 2nd layer, and of course on the top layer were the tea cakes! Of course we had hot tea for all of those adventurous kiddos, but also provided fruit punch for the more standard fair. They had proper tea settings – with a tea cup and saucer and creamer & sugar containers too. 

The tables were decked out with scattered jewels in pink and green to compliment the lavender satin tablecloths. 

Mostly the kids ran around and played, but we also had lavender and pale green playdough, and necklaces to bead as well for when they needed a break! 

The birthday girl had her picture taken with each of her guests upon their arrival (except for one little boy who we couldn’t get to stay still long enough!) and then they attacked the dress up chest and then off to play!

Of course we had cake too! Miss K chose a red velvet cake with homemade cream cheese icing. I decorated the cake with candy flowers, lavender edible pearls, and pieces from a miniature tea set. Along with a tiny bit of crystal sugar. It was GORGEOUS! Then, so that we could take the top of the cake to Arizona for family birthday, I made matching cupcakes for the tea party attendees. 

The party was really a wonderful success! Everyone had a great time! They all dressed to the nines and had wonderful party manners. It was, a truly magnificent day!!

So, without further ado, here are the layouts I have made of the party so far…..




To show off these wonderful pictures I used a sweet kit called ‘Tea Party’ by Touched By a Butterfly. You can find the kit here –



Another Christmas Memory…..

Yup, Still trying to get caught up on my Christmas posts. It was a VERY rough year and I am still struggling to catch up.  I did manage to do some scrapping over the holiday with a couple of very sweet kits though! 

The first layout is of our two sweet kitties (at the time) in front of our tree. There is something so peaceful about a warm kitty in front of a Christmas tree! I was thrilled that I actually managed to get a good picture of Cleocatra (the black cat) as she is VERY hard to photograph! Our other cat Puck, pretty much “mugs” for the camera – and puts up with me taking his picture A LOT! He is 18lbs. of sweet, purring love!!!

The 2nd layout is my sweet baby girl, for her first Christmas WAY back in 2007! I can’t even believe that she has been home with us now for 6 years! And these are still some of my most favorite photos of her from that very first Christmas together as a family – even though my husband and I aren’t even in the pictures!! 🙂



The kit is called Raggedy Christmas and was created by the wonderfully talented Ginger at Ginger’s Scraps -n- Pixels and you can find the kit here –


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