A Kit For a Cause!

I know you are all aware that I began this blog to journal and keep a photo record of our little girl, and to have a place to show off my amazing scrapbooking skills (HA!) 
Currently, I am lucky (and blessed) to be on two different creative teams, and for one team, the owner/designer has made a truly sweet and beautiful kit called Our Tweet Katie. This is a gift of love. This little girl has some very serious medical issues, and she is a fighter, a beautiful little one, with a smile that can light up a room! Her family has a FB page just for her if you’d like to learn more about her medical conditions. https://www.facebook.com/Princesskatieshope All of the proceeds from the sale of this kit will be donated to the family to help cover her medical expenses. PLEASE if you can, donate to the family by purchasing this adorable kit! The first 2 layouts are with pictures of our Miss K, and the 2nd two layouts are Katie herself!
 Again, it is called Our Tweet Katie, and was created by the very talented Celeste at Touched By a Butterfly. You can purchase the kit here – http://store.touchedbyabutterfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=423

We LOVE Gingerbread!!!

A few years ago, when Miss K was about 3 or 4 we began the tradition of making a gingerbread house every Christmas. Her first was actually NOT a house, but a GIANT gingerbread man (if I ever find those pictures I will scrap those as well!) 
Paul and I once created a gingerbread house with the whole family, we were hosting Christmas at our home – a tiny apartment in San Diego when we were first married, and none of us “sibs” had children yet. Our amazing creation had an entire estate – a koi pond, a flower garden, trees, etc. It was really an epic creation. We kept it around for quite a long time, but it ultimately met with an untimely demise because we stored it in our oven at night to keep our cats from trying to eat it. I’m sure you can guess what happened…… One sad day, I forgot to remove the gingerbread house from the oven and preheated it to start dinner – the smell was lovely, till I realized what was happening – there was a very sad, very burnt and melty gingerbread estate house. It was not the most regal way for it to exit the scene, but it does make for a good story!
Anyway – once my brother and his wife had their children and Paul and I became parents to Miss K, we decided to revive the tradition!
We have only had one Christmas with all of the families together and we made cookies, but couldn’t find a gingerbread house, and my mold was missing! However, we have made them on our own – starting with the gingerbread man, and then onto a house, and this past year we purchased an a-frame nordic house, which we will be doing as a New Year’s house due to circumstances beyond our control! 
The photos scrapped here are from our gingerbread house in 2011, the only one I can find pictures from!! Our friends Sammy & Steve joined us in the making of the house, and just like all of the others (gingerbread man included) it was, well, unique!!! 
Miss K  was old enough this year to help actually seal all of the walls together and had a blast squeezing the royal icing all over the top and sides of our little house! 
We didn’t like the types of candies included in this kit, and didn’t feel there was enough, so we scoured the house for leftover Halloween candy and added LOTS Of our own stuff! We made peanut butter cup trees, and a snowman (still not sure what we used for that!) We also had a rooftop lined with peppermint candies, and M & M lined windows! 
We won’t talk about the metal graffiti that Uncle Steve added to the back door!! As I said, unique just like us!!!
It is a wonderful tradition that always provides lots of memories and of course awesome photos!
I scrapped these pictures using a really cute kit called Gingerbread Fun, by Touched By a Butterfly. You can grab the kit here –  http://store.touchedbyabutterfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=401


More Family Christmas Photos!!!

These pictures are from the same session I talked about in my last post. from our “semi-formal”, kind of traditional Christmas photo session for Christmas 2011. 
The photo of Miss K as Santa we used for a holiday letter, and is still one of my favorite holiday photos of her! The other two are also some favorites of mine! The look of love and adoration between my husband, Paul and our daughter was amazing! Such a perfect record of what a little Daddy’s Girl she actually is! And I’m just glad she smiled for the picture with me – I don’t get in front of the camera with her often enough (and have vowed the last few years that this needs to change) I don’t want her to be all grown up and leaving home, only to have LOTS of photos of her and her and Daddy, and none of us! She might want them someday too – even though she often fights smiling for me if I am in the photo with her!!
I used the mini-kit – Home For Christmas, by Touched By a Butterfly for these two layouts. You can grab the kit here – http://store.touchedbyabutterfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=410

Family Photos For Christmas

We love Christmas in our house, but most importantly we cherish what the holidays bring with them, the joy and closeness of our family! To make sure that we never forget what it means to us – Family – we try to take a family photo every year. 
Most years, we do not take a “formal” portrait at a studio, and I don’t use all of my pro skills to capture a formal style photo. Sometimes we put up the backdrops or try to find a nice on location spot, but sometimes it’s just – “hey we’re all dressed up, quick, run to the tree, let’s get our picture!” 
For Christmas 2011, I took a middle of the road approach. 
I wanted some more “formal type” photos of Miss K for family and friends who’d been asking, and to be able to show off the 3 different Christmas dresses she “HAD” to have (and we gave in because I’d rather let her dress up then try to find flattering things for me!) 
I also wanted to play with my new lens!!! SO……Though I had gotten a few decent “snapshots” at Christmas, just after we got home, and before we put away all of the decorations and the tree, I set up the backdrop, moved the tree, and made everyone get dressed up. 
It was a VERY quick session – but we got some truly wonderful photographs
As always, it helped that I have 2 very wonderful models!!!
The kit I used to scrap the pictures is called Elegant Christmas by Touched By a Butterfly and you can purchase it here:


Our Pirate Princess!!!

So, as you all know, Miss K is REALLY obsessed with halloween. She is also kind of obsessed with pirates! In fact, her favorite ride at Disneyland has always been Pirates of the Caribbean, so it was no surprise to me that she decided she needed to be a Pirate for Halloween this past year. Actually, it kind of surprised me that it took her so long to decide to be a Pirate! However, because it’s her, she had to throw in a twist, of course! She didn’t want to be “just a pirate” she had to be a Pirate Princess!! That’s right, my girl, a Pirate Princess! 
Okay, so off we went to the fabric store where she chose the fabrics, the accessories, the embellishments, the feathers, etc. She picked a beautiful patterned purple with flowers as her pirate vest (which we actually made more like a sleeveless surcoat) and a plain stretchy black for her skirt and top. We got her an AWESOME traditional tri-point pirate hat at the Tall Ships Festival which we decorated to make it look more “princessy”. We purchased her some truly cool boots and she got a sword which lit up, a pair of old-fashioned pirate pistols, and a parrot – whom she named Jewel! She also had a dragon eye pirate eye patch – she was the best Pirate Princess EVER, if I do say so myself!!
Of course, Mommy had to have the traditional Halloween costume photo session, to get great photos of her costume – so that we could show her off to family and friends! 
Trick-or-treating at Daddy’s office, and actual Halloween was of course, a HUGE success! She looked great, felt great, practiced her ARRRHHHH, and had a wonderful time! She loved her costume and even took it with us to visit my Dad in the hospital just after Halloween! When she wore the costume to the hospital, she scored even more candy – because the nursing staff and support staff thought she was so cute!
I used the super cute kit – Shiver Me Timbers, by Touched By a Butterfly – which you can pick up here – 


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