Winter Wonderland!

We have been blessed with snow on almost every visit we have made to Arizona during the Christmas season since Miss K was a little baby! Last year was no exception! We got a few wonderful snow storms, including one on her birthday!!

As soon as we awoke to the winter wonderland outside, we got dressed and went outside to play! 

We built snowmen, had a snowball fight, made snow angels – all of the wonderful fun that you can have in the snow!!! it was really magical, and we enjoyed every minute!!



After we were done playing, we ran inside to warm up with some hot chocolate and a beautiful fire in the fireplace!

It seems strange that we would travel to Arizona to get our little one her snow play each year, and not every year is blessed by a snowfall, but at least we get a few flurries here and there most years, and the years when we get a real snow storm just add to the wonderful memories we make each year while spending time with my family!

I used a wonderful kit by Touched By a Butterfly to make the layouts. It is aptly called Winter Wonderland and you can grab it here –


A Disneyland Christmas

One of our two favorite times to visit Disneyland is during Christmastime! There is just something so much more magical about the castle all covered in snow and glittering lights, and the wonderful smells of the candy shop. The mugs of hot cocoa and minted mochas are SO much better while watching the Holiday Fantasy Parade, and the snow that falls after the fireworks complete a truly magical Christmas experience!!

We took these photos during Christmastime at Disneyland in 2011. We went to the park a few times that year for different things – fireworks & snow, visits with Santa, and the parade were all different visits – but made for a wonderful season filled with magical memories!!!




I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect kit to scrap these pictures with either! I used Fancy Winter, by Touched By a Butterfly, which you can find here –

Now Back to Winter….

Okay, now that I got my Indian Summer post done *wink* I will go back to posting ALL of the layouts i have done recently for winter, Christmas, etc. and I have A LOT!!!

Christmas is pretty big in our house, we kind of go a little overboard – decorating, celebrating with big meals, music, presents, stockings, classic Christmas movies and books, and the list goes on! 

So, of course, decorating the tree is a HUGE deal! We usually put the lights on as soon as the tree is up, but decorating it is often saved for Christmas Eve. 

Miss K. absolutely LOVES decorating the tree – she asks who each ornament belongs to, and passes them out. She even says, “I remember when I made this” or “I remember this is mine” even though frequently that is NOT the case!!! It doesn’t matter though, we put on one of our favorite Christmas CD’s and decorate away! It is always a highlight of the day, and we top it all off with our star! 

I shot these photos on Christmas Eve in 2011, and it was a CRAZY night! We decorated the tree, had an amazing Christmas Eve dinner, read Twas The Night Before Christmas, hung stockings, left out a note, and cookies for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer, and then of course, off to bed! 

Lots of great memories as always – but so much more special being with my Mom & Dad, and having Miss K. in our lives!



I used the kit Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Touched By a Butterfly. This kit is part of a limited time Blog Train – Christmas Songs. You can catch a ride on the train and pick up all of the great mini kits by starting here –

Once Upon A Time At Disneyland……..

So….now that we are deep within the winter season (even though the solstice isn’t for a few more days) and snow is covering the ground around much of the US, I thought I would bring back summer ! I just recently did a few layouts of my daughter’s princess meet & greets at Disneyland from 2011 and I am SO proud of how they turned out, I thought I would share them here!!

These were taken in the summer of 2011, when one particular day, she decided it was going to be Princess Day at Disneyland!! She picked her favorite dress (at the time) one that she said was her Rapunzel dress, and our goal was to find and get pictures with as many princesses as possible!

For our first stop, we knew that the Princess Fantasy Faire would get us A LOT of  princesses! They usually had at least 3 in the faire meet & greet area. This particular day we got REALLY lucky! We got to see a lot of the princesses that aren’t usually there! We saw Jasmine (whose pages I haven’t done…yet) and Tiana (whom we had seen out in New Orleans square but never in the Fantasy Faire! and Ariel – Miss K was ecstatic!!! Later in the day we also found Cinderella, and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider! It truly was a Princess Day!! Just for the record, we did catch a few rides in that time too – but since we really went just for the princesses – we were VERY focused and didn’t hit any rides until Miss K decided she had seen enough princesses!!!

We had a blast, and the pictures were worth the lines!! 🙂



The kit I used for these (in case any of you are scrapbookers!) was Once Upon A Time by Touched By a Butterfly and you can find the kit here –

Happy Thanksgivikkah! A little bit late!!!!

So, I would have posted this A LOT sooner, but I have been INCREDIBLY busy with a little girls tea party birthday celebration for about the past 2 months, and the last 2 – 3 weeks especially! Anyway. Our Hannukah and Thanksgiving were wonderful. We spent the Thanksgiving weekend housesitting and dog sitting for family and then celebrated Hanukkah with them after they returned from their Thanksgiving trip.

There were dreidels, and gelt, turkey and mashed potato soup (LONG story!!!) and ice cream sandwiches! There was beautiful candle light, prayers, and lots and lots of amazing memories!!!

I couldn’t have asked for a better “combo” holiday, nor a more amazing way to spend it! I had all anyone needs, love, family, laughter, food and shelter. I think I  spent a lot of moments just after lighting the menorah this year just sitting, staring into the candlelight and thinking about how blessed we have been this year.

It was not an easy year, in any way, but we have come to the end, things have gotten better, and as a family, we are still together. We have each other, and that is the most important thing of all!

These pictures were from the last night of Hanukkah as we celebrated and reflected together in our home. It was a beautiful night, filled with LOTS of big smiles and warm, fuzzy thoughts!


Many blessings to you all, as we reach the end of this holiday season with Christmas and New Year’s Eve fast approaching!

The kit I used (in case anyone would like to pick it up is called Happy Hanukkah, by Touched by a Butterfly and you can get it in her store here –

Happy 6th Airplane Day Baby Girl!!!

November 20th every year is a very important day in our home. It is the day that we brought our daughter home from Seoul, S. Korea. 
We celebrate the day we first became a family with a family picture, a fancy dinner (always her choice), a special dessert, and a present!
This year we celebrated 6 years home! We had chicken – Miss K’s favorite way, and gorgeous cupcakes – with extra chocolate trimming. Then she received her 2nd American Girl doll – Marie Grace – the other one in the picture was a birthday gift last year. She was SOO excited that Marie Grace came with an extra outfit and had to introduce her to Kaya (the  other doll) right away!
It was, as always a very special day, to remember and celebrate one of the most important days in all of our lives!
I used a super pretty kit called Butterfly Dreams by the gifted designer Touched By a Butterfly. The colors and theme were perfect for these photos! You can purchase the kit here:

Our Holiday Baby!

My favorite thing about these pictures are my daughter’s amazing smile! It is infectious! She radiates her beauty from within!!! You can tell that she is just a happy child – and being herself! My second favorite part of these photos are her adorable bare feet! Even in the dead of winter, she’d rather have cold feet that are bare than put on tights or socks and shoes! It is such a sweet, special photo because of those cute little bare feet!!!
These were taken on her 6th birthday, last December, in front of my parents Christmas tree while we were celebrating her birthday. Here is the journaling I did for the pages – 
“Our little princess you were born on New Year’s Eve. Every year the world celebrates with us as we celebrate your birthday! 
We think that’s pretty special, just like you!!!
You shine so brightly everyday, but on your birthday, you shine even brighter! Your beautiful spirit and sweet smile make every day bright and beautiful!
This season, is always full of activities, fun, parties, and lots of love! Your birthday just adds to the joy and celebration.
You are are beautiful star, and I love watching you as you grow. Your passions, your sense of humor, your general love of life, they are all wonderful gifts that we are blessed to share with you! 
This was taken for your 6th birthday, on December 31st, 2012. 
Things you love right now – 
The Color Purple/Lavender
Cats and Dogs
Painting and Drawing
Singing (especially Roar, Brave, and King & Lionheart)
Playing outside
The Scooby Gang
Polly Pocket
Magna Tiles
My Little Pony
Math & Science
There is SO much more, you add things to your repertoire every day, and as you learn and grow, you become more and more interesting! I love learning about who you are and who you are becoming!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!”
This kit is so beautiful! I had to use it for these pictures!!! The kit’s name is A Paon Noel – it means a Peacock Christmas! It is full of all of those beautiful Christmas colors for those who love the Christmas birds (peacocks especially!)
I thought that the photos I used just beautifully represented all of the beauty that this kit has in it!!
It was created by the very talented Ginger’s Scraps and Pixels and you can purchase it here –

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