Christmas Time!

Don’t be mad at me for posting Christmas and winter layouts so early in the season, please! I have LOTS of years to catch up on, so when I have the time, I do a page that is of an especially wonderful memory, or event, and Christmas is, just one of those many amazing days in each and every year!!!

Christmas is a HUGE deal in our house! The whole season really, but Christmas day is THE day! We make our celebration last the entire day! 

We start out with stockings from Santa first thing. After everyone has their coffee, egg nog, or tea, we head for the tree & fireplace!
Everyone takes turns opening things from under their stocking, or pulling out a surprise. We all get to ooh and aah over each other’s goodies and sometimes we even swap things! Santa is sure to give everyone a calendar, and a book. The boys get flashlights, and the girls get pretty baubles or lotions and such. And each child gets a stuffed animal (sometimes more than one) 
Then we break to give everyone time to enjoy the mornings’ bounty and after lunch we do presents from friends and relatives from out of town.
We have a wonderful Christmas dinner – with everyone’s favorites – and after we have gorged on the food, we head back to the fire with dessert and drinks and open family gifts. 
It really is an amazing and joyful celebration and we relish every moment of it each and every year!
The kit I used for these pages is called Oh Christmas Tea! It is SO amazingly adorable, and I absolutely adore it! I will be using it often, I am sure! It was created by Gingers Scraps -n- Pixels and you can pick it up here: 



More Autumn Fun!

I may have mentioned this before *wink*, but in case I haven’t, we love autumn! Mostly I think because Halloween is our favorite holiday, and so, all things leading up to and having to do with, Halloween, are integral and enjoyable parts of the season for us. This, of course, includes a trip (and sometimes many trips) to the pumpkin patch! 
Our favorite ones are the “u-pick” ones that are on a working farm. We love walking over the entire place, checking out lot and lots of the pumpkins, trying to find just the perfect specimen! 
Last year, we went to one of our favorite working farms. Tanaka Farms, in Irvine, Ca. to check out their u-pick patch. We have been there many, many times over the years – for their watermelon you pick farm tour, and our favorite – the strawberry picking tour!!! We didn’t take the hayride patch tour, which includes a free pumpkin at the end, because it was the very end of the season, just days before Halloween, and we didn’t need to pick a pumpkin. We just wanted to go to the patch and see all of the pumpkins! 
The farm was pretty picked over – lots of smashed and rotting pumpkins too, which Miss K thought was pretty cool since we had recently learned all about decay in our studies. We found some REALLY big pumpkins, and some tiny little ones too. 
She had a great time climbing the “hay pile of pumpkins” and having her picture taken, and as a treat at the end, we got some shaved ice! It was a fun afternoon, and a great way to celebrate one of our favorite seasons and holidays! 
The kit (and add-on) I used are called Welcome Fall, by Touched By a Butterfly and you can find them here:
and here:
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The Age of The Mammoth!

We spent a truly amazing day at the La Brea Tar Pits in La Brea, CA.
The day was spent learning all about the animals that lived (and died) in the area of the tar pits and looking at skeletons. We found all of Zed’s bones (the largest complete mammoth skeleton to date) throughout the museum, smelled the tar pits and saw them bubbling, and watched the paleontologists working in the lab with the bones.
Since Miss K is SO completely OBSESSED with dinosaurs, mammoths, etc. the tar pits were a terrific field trip for her. We made a complete unit study out of the trip, and had fun too! She especially loved the true to size animatronic mammoths in the museum. She couldn’t believe how large they were and once she saw that they moved – well – she was hooked! She kept running back to the one she could get the closest too and posing for me to take her picture – saying “Mommy, wait, it will move and scare you!” – SOOOO cute!!!! We can’t wait to go back again sometime very soon!
The kit I chose for these pages was perfect for the pictures from our day at the La Brea Tar Pits!! It is called Dexter’s Dinosaurs and it has the cutest woolly mammoths in it! It was skillfully created by Touched By a Butterfly and you can find the kit here:
I used the add-on too which you can pick up here –

In Honor of Veteran’s Day

We are coming up very quickly on Veteran’s Day, a rough day, but also a day of remembrance and honor in our home. 

 Between my husband and I we have had quite a few family members who have served in the military. On my side of the family I have an uncle, a great uncle, and a grandfather who was in the reserves. On my husband’s side there are quite a few as well, most important, his father.
I made this layout for the soldiers who never make it home, for those who are never identified, whose families don’t know what happened to them. This photo is very precious to me, because I feel that every soldier, no matter what country, what religion, what ethnicity deserves to be recognized, thanked for their service, and remembered. 
The photo is of one of the most recognizable national monuments in the United States, The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA.
For those who have never been there  – the saying on the tomb says –
“Here rest in honored glory, An American Soldier, Known but to God”.
I wanted to do a very simple layout that kept the focus on the tomb, not on the elements, or anything else. This kit was perfect for this picture – simple and beautiful! I used ‘Their Service Remembered’ by Ginger’s Scraps -n- Pixels and you can find the kit here:

Thanksgiving 2012

We had made no major plans and had been planning on a very quiet day with just the 3 of us. But our good friends invited us to dinner, and we decided it would be a lot of fun to spend the afternoon with them and their family!
We had a wonderful, relaxing evening – with great friends, yummy food, and lots of laughter! What more could one ask for to make a Happy, blessed, Thanksgiving!!!

 I used a really sweet kit called Happy Thanksgiving by Touched By a Butterfly – You can pick it up here –

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 was a wonderful, and strange day for us! 
Our dear friends (who we actually really consider family) came down to visit us from Washington, and we had a CRAZY, fun-filled, 5 days!
We actually spent Thanksgiving day at Disneyland and had a wonderful holiday meal at Catal – one of our favorite restaurants in Downtown Disney.
The rest of the weekend we spent between Disneyland, and just hanging out, and we had an amazing photo shoot to have our holiday family photos taken. 
We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, or way to celebrate a day of Thanksgiving! We are so blessed and thankful for our friends/family!!!
I used a really sweet kit called Happy Thanksgiving by Touched By a Butterfly – You can pick it up here –

Halloween 2013 – Pirates, and Pumpkins, and Skulls….Oh My!!!

Our little pirate princess! For Halloween this year, our little one decided that she HAD to be a pirate princess – we all had to be pirates – as a family – but she was the princess! She chose all the fabrics for me to make her costume, chose a super cool glowing pirate sword – and Mommy and Daddy surprised her with a cool dragon’s eye pirate patch and even her own parrot – now named Jewel!
She was SO excited to be a pirate that she didn’t even fight me when I told her it was time to go and take our photos of this year’s costume. She even got into it – yelling arrrrr – posing, and just all in all being a totally awesome pirate – and so very cute too!
Trick-or-treat and Halloween were AWESOME! She managed to gather a HUGE amount of loot (aka – candy) and plundered 2 different areas – Daddy’s office (the day before actual halloween)  and our neighborhood on the big night.
Lots of fun was had by all – I would call it a very successful Halloween!
Yay for our favorite holiday and for an easy costume (for a change!!)
I used a super piratey-perfect kit called Skulls & Pumpkins Galore by Touched By a Butterfly.
You can find it here:

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