Celebrating the Festival of Light

Every year to help celebrate Hanukkah, we go to the JCC (Jewish Community Center) for their Hanukkah party. We spin Dreidels, make candles for the menorah, and generally have a wonderful time during the festival of lights!

I made these pages from pictures taken at one such party. Though I could probably do a full 10 pages just from the one party, these were my favorites, so I chose to showcase them! Miss K’s Pre-K Director was dressed (with some friends) as dreidels and even sang the dreidel for everyone! 

She got to make hand-dipped candles for our menorah, color hanukkah magnets, and even try her luck at spinning the dreidel herself! She won a bag of gelt (chocolate coins!!) 

It was a wonderful party, and lots of our friends from Pre-K as well as from the JCC were there. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to help celebrate this wonderful holiday!!!




I used the kit – Happy Hanukkah by Touched By a Butterfly, and you can find it here – 


As well as the add-on Borders, which you can find here – 



Graduation Day!!!

Our little girl is growing up, I am reminded of this is so many ways, every day. But on this day, her pre-K graduation day in June of 2012, it was an especially poignant reminder of how quickly time is passing by. You see, I remember my little girl when she was a little baby staring at me from those referral pictures and update photos. I remember her toddling around and learning to talk, then run, and then off to school! 

Those memories seem like just yesterday, even though they are years in the past, and I find myself missing my baby, but looking forward to who she will be in the future!

I treasure these pictures of her Pre-K Graduation since she may never have another graduation day until college (we homeschool) so for now, I must treasure these pictures and look forward to the day (thank goodness MANY years from now) when she will don another cap and gown for college!!

She was so very excited about this day – as well she should have been! All of the little children who had begun the year with her in Pre-K had grown up SO much – not just in height, weight, and age, but also in their mastery of language, skills, love of learning, social skills, and so many, many other things! They all had so very much to be proud of. 

The learned about caterpillars and butterflies, walking sticks, rainbows, rockets, volcanoes, read new books, became Shabbat Star for a day, celebrated birthdays, and made new friends. And then, before we knew it, the years was over and here were all our little ones graduating and heading off to T-K or Kindergarten – it just FLEW by!

The day of her graduation, she had school, then we got ready for graduation, and headed back to the school. She dressed in her beautiful long, flowing, black dress (appropriate for such an important celebration) and her brand new black flats. She even conned Mommy into a bit of blush and a spray of perfume! 

We had trouble getting her cap to stay on her head (she has a VERY small head, and I hadn’t thought to bring safety pins, or bobby pins) – but she placed it on her head, gave me a BIG hug and a huge smile, and headed off with her class.

The ceremony was awesome – with wonderful stories, songs sung by the kids, a presentation of each kid holding up a letter to spell out Happy Pre-K Graduation Day 2012, and of course names being read to walk across the stage and get a certificate of pre-k completion.

I LOVE these pictures – we didn’t get very many good ones during the ceremony as we were too far away, but I was thrilled we got these amazing ones none-the-less. It was a wonderful day, a truly memorable experience, and we were (and still are) so very, very proud of our little girl!




I used Touched By a Butterfly’s kit – Graduation Day – which you can grab here – 


Amazing Autumn!

As you may or may not have figured out we love the changing seasons! We really love autumn in our house! We love the sights, sounds, smells, weather, everything about it! The falling leaves, the changing colors, visiting the pumpkin patch, walking in the crisp autumn air, and of course Halloween too! 

The second I saw this kit I knew I wanted to use it with some pictures I had taken this year at one of our local pumpkin patches. These simple family photos are precious to me every year, but these, from this year are especially important – my daughter actually LET me have a picture taken with her!! 🙂

Anyway, I love how these pages turned out – they will definitely be printed in this year photo book for my little girl!!!




I used the kit Autumn Memories – by Touched By a Butterfly, and you can grab it here – 


Our Little Fashionista!!!

We had the great fortune to be able to take advantage of a wonderful family photographer in our area, who offered an amazing deal for formal portraits.  We were even more blessed that we got to have not one, but two sessions with her!!! These photos were taken at the second session, which was much shorter, and held at a fabulous little children’s clothing boutique near our home.  The props she brought were all spring related, so we followed her cue and dressed Miss K in one of our current favorite spring outfits of hers. 

She was the hit of the photo group! She made everyone smile, had the staff and photographer laughing at her antics and had an absolute blast trying on ALL of the beads, playing peek-a-boo, and just being her wonderful, sweet, adorable self! 

These 4 photos were some of my favorite from this shoot – she kept playing with the beads, and our photographer did an amazing job capturing this playful sequence! 



I used the kit – ‘As Time Goes By’ created by Touched By a Butterfly. It was perfect for these layouts, with the gentle pastel colors and “girly” feel. You can find it here – 


MouseScrappers Blog Hop Time Again!!!

It’s that time again! In a few days the MouseScrappers Design Challenge #13 will be all wrapped up, and the blog hop will begin! Once again, I have tried to join in, and while this challenge was MUCH harder for me than the others (boy am I glad we had 2 months!) I am prettyhappy with what I designed!

As usual, the full kits that the designers (myself included) created will not be given away or sold in the MouseScrappers store (some designers may release their kits in their own personal stores however) So, if you didn’t create a kit for the challenge you cannot get those kits.

BUT…..many of us have made separate mini-kits, add-ons, or little extras to give to our loyal blog followers! I am one of them! 

My offering is small – and I hope you all like it once it is revealed…but for today, I will give you a sneak peak.  The Blog Hop will go live on Friday, Nov. 1st – so be sure to check back that day to follow the blog hop and pick up your goodies!

And here is your sneak peak!!!…….


To Have and To Hold…

And since I am at it…..Another period wedding, for my final post for today. This time my sister and brother-in-law. Their wedding was in March of 2008, in San Diego, at a beautiful mansion. Almost all of the guests came properly dressed in period attire! It was a super simple, and beautiful day, with lovely weather, and a wonderful celebration of their love and commitment to one another. These pages are super simple, but I think they are gorgeous and elegant, and reflect the way that day was. Truly a wonderful memory, and a day none of us will soon forget!
The kit iI used is ‘Victorian Beauty’ by Touched By a Butterfly and you can grab it here:  http://store.touchedbyabutterfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=293

Love Story….

Most of my family have had “period” weddings. That is, they and all people attending come attired in clothing from a specific period in time. Most of us do some type of historical reenactment, Medieval, Victorian, Edwardian, Steampunk (Victorian fantasy) and the weddings have ranged from Medieval – Victorian/Edwardian – so naturally, I had to scrap my Uncle’s wedding – which was period.
Unfortunately I was not able to attend, but my sister took some wonderful photos, so I had great stuff to work with. I think I was able to capture the love and the beauty of the day! I especially love the photo of the entire wedding party – it really shows off the period clothing!
I LOVE how these pages turned out , and the sweet kit I used is called ‘Something Borrowed” by Touched By a Butterfly and you can find it here:

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